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  • Buffet Breakfast

The Breakfast

At the Brit Hotel Bordeaux Airport, the breakfast buffet consists of :

Our Beverages

Hot drinks: coffee, hot or cold chocolate, tea (choice of 10 teas).

Cold drinks: Fresh fruit juices such as orange juice, multivitamin juice and apple juice. We also offer freshly squeezed oranges.

The Bakery


Baguette bread, cereal bread, sandwich bread, croissant, chocolate croissant, raisin bread, pancakes, gingerbread, rusks, madeleines.

Baguette bread, cereal bread, sandwich bread, croissant, chocolatine (pain au chocolat), raisin bread, pancakes, gingerbread, rusks, madeleines.

To accompany your sandwiches and pastries, we offer you the local spread "Lucien Georgelin", 3 honeys from a local producer as well as 12 jams with different flavours produced locally.



Fresh products : Eggs, fruit salad, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, compote, Gruyere cheese, Camembert, ham, rosette, plain, fruit or low-fat yoghurt, actimel, soft and semi-salted butter.

But also : Cereals muesli and Corn flakes, dried fruits(prunes, dates, apricots)

Our breakfast is sold at the price of 12.00€. If you are passing through, you are also welcome!


Opening hours of the breakfast buffet

Les horaires du buffet déjeuner à Bordeaux Mérignac


Maximum capacity of the breakfast room at the Hotel in Bordeaux Mérignac


The Brit Hotel Bordeaux Airport breakfast room is open to the client from 05:00 until 09:30 and is extended until 10:30 on weekends and public holidays!

Our local products for breakfast

Les confitures "Comme Autrefois": Les Ateliers Saint Joseph, 2 Allée des Isatis, 33700 Mérignac.

Yoghurts : Les Yaourts de Nadège, 3 Bois-Majou-Nord, 33124 Aillas.

Honey 100% natural: L'Atelier du Miel, 1 Pater, 33190 Saint-Sève.

Pastries, dried fruit and prunes: Maison Guinguet - Les Cavales - 47120 Duras.

Spreading paste : Georgelin Lucien, London Meadow, 47200 Virazeil

Charcuterie : Ferme de Baruteau, 47260 Brugnac.

Some pictures of our breakfast buffet :

Local jams from Brit Hotel Bordeaux Aeroport
The baker's brioche every morning for breakfast
The fresh corner, with yoghurts, fresh fruit, cheese for breakfast in the hotel
Fruits are also placed on the breakfast buffet
A complete, varied and gourmet breakfast buffet
Biscuits, madeleines, cupcakes for breakfast
The well-stocked breakfast buffet
Local prune cream served for breakfast
Breakfast at the hotel in Bordeaux
continental breakfast at Bordeaux Airport
Our local producers are indicated on the breakfast buffet
Delicatessen is also available to our customers on the breakfast buffet
Fresh bread, local jam, a treat for breakfast in Mérignac
Viennese pastry corner at the hotel breakfast